Do you want...
  • To lose 15-30 pounds in 12 weeks?
  • To fit into clothes that you thought you had to donate away?
  • Have more energy than you thought possible?
  • Strategic, Time Tested Plan to lose fat, build lean muscle, and most importantly... GET YOUR LIFE BACK!
Your New Life Starts SOON...
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Have you tried it all? Or had good results but are now stuck? 

Did your doctor tell you that you need to lose weight, lower your blood sugar, lower your blood pressure, or turn your life around?

Are you sick of feeling sick, tired, and not looking the way you think you should?

Are you sick of being sore, injured, and low on energy?

It's time to go to thrive, and Find. Your. Life!

What's all included? Check it out BELOW!


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2 Years...In The WRONG Direction

Averaging a 29 pound weight gain during a 2 year stretch where we found out (not shockingly) that being obese is exponentially dangerous to our health and potential infection outcomes is a COMPLETE failure on behalf of the people as a whole. 

While there was minimal public stress on actually getting healthy, it was ultimately up to all of us to make it happen. And we failed.

But that's now in the past...and it's time to THRIVE!

It's time to FIND. YOUR. LIFE.

The Cost...Of Not Taking Action

Obesity is not cheap. The average cost of being obese is $92,000 over your lifetime. Yes...


But wait, there's more! 

Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes is directly associated with obesity, and this adds an additional $9600 per YEAR!

And what about the things you miss out on? Playing with your kids/grandkids because you are too tired, seeing those amazing scenic views because you couldn't do the hike...there's no price tag on that.

This plan will follow a very strategic plan to make sure we maximize your results and get your life back - for good! 

You won't need to spend hours in the gym, or 90-minute treadmill sessions. 

Full Support and Guidance
I will be your health consierge. 

You will have full access to me through my mobile app platform, and access to anything you need at the touch of a button.

As your Registered Dietitian, I will be working with you side by side to maximize your results.

We will implement my Fat Loss Accelerator Plan, which will have you burning fat faster than before, while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods.

This will also include full nutritional coaching, goal planning, 24/7 access to me as your nutrition and health consierge. 

You will have access to amazing recipes that I've put together that are simple to make, healthy, and taste great, as well as break down all the calories and macros as well as being able to pick from gluten-free, dairy-free, high protein, low carb, quick to make, meal prep/freezer friendly. 

I'm making it as simple and easy for you as possible. 

Whether you’re short on time, or just love to cook, I can’t wait for you to dive into some of these recipes. Try one or all of them as they will all be yours for FREE. 


Jordan B. - Father/Lawyer/Busy Dude
Long Time Online Client
Jon B. - Lost 16 pounds in only 8 Weeks!

EXAMPLE: Fat Loss Accelerator Plan (3 months) Average Results:

Time Tested. Results Driven.

After working with clients both in person and online for over 10 years now, my methods speak for themselves. 

My most successful clients are those who trust and enjoy the process, let me guide them, and play the long game.

Some days will be tough, some won't be perfect, but the main goal is my favorite phrase:

"Progress > Perfection"

1. When does the program start?
The program officially starts on Monday, March 28th - but you’ll be able to sign up before then to reserve your spot.
2. Who is this for?

ANYONE who is FULLY COMMITTED to change. This is not a quick "fix" program, because those do not work. This is for people who are willing to commit and take massive action for 3 months (and potentially beyond!) Anyone who is looking to:

- Lose Fat, Get Leaner, and More Toned.

- Build Strength and Boost Performance.

- Reshape Your Body, Build an Unbreakable Mindset.

It’s also for those that want not only proven transformation training programs but also extra support and accountability during this time.
3. What equipment do I need? 
- At a minimum you will need access to some dumbbells/free weights and some way to do some cardio type training (steps, treadmill, bike, outside) - nothing super intense, but just an ability to move your body through space.

A full gym would be IDEAL, but not necessary. 
4. What comes with the program?
The Find My Life Transformation comes with everything you need to transform your body and life...

- 12 weeks of Expert-Designed Workouts Delivered On-Demand Through the MGFITLIFE App - $780 value

- Five FREE - MGFITLIFE Recipe Books with Shopping lists & Meal Templates - $97 value

- ​Weekly Accountability and Nutrition Coaching - $1,020 value

- Special Access to my NEW Secret Fat Loss Accelerator method - $199 value

- Recipe, cooking, and supplement recommendations 

- Real world solutions to your biggest road blocks

- The ability to create more free time in your life for the things that REALLY matter

​- 24/7 Support & Accountability from Me via my online app.  - Normal consulting fee waived
Over $2,500 Value
5. What Is The Time Commitment?

You will need to be able to commit 30-45 minutes per day for exercise.

You will need to be able to commit 15 minutes every other week to complete your check-in's.

You will need to commit 10-15 minutes per day to track your nutrition (I will teach you how!)

You will need to commit 24/7 to giving me your all.
6. How Hard Will This Be?

It might seem hard at times, but being unhealthy is hard. Feeling tired all the time is hard. Living in pain is hard. Not seeing results and spinning on a hamster wheel is hard. Choose your hard.

You won't need to do any crazy guru diets, you will still be able to enjoy the things you enjoy (in moderation) and you will still have a life outside of the gym (only 4-5 hours per week of exercise!)

You will still be able to enjoy birthday cake for you and your kids.

You will still be able to have girls/guys nights. Wine, chocolate, etc. CAN be a part of your life! 

You will still be able to enjoy a day at the ball park.

You will be able to enjoy date nights at your favorite restaurants! 

You will be able to change your life for GOOD, and keep living a sustainable, fun, and healthy life for years to come!
7. How much does it cost?
This is a 12 week commitment. AND I am offering it at a massive discount, at 66% of the regular price of personalized coaching. 

The cost is  3 payments of $427 OR $1239 paid in full.
8. What if I fall in love with my results and want to take it to the next level?

That's a great question. 12 weeks is a pretty short time span, but A LOT of progress CAN be made... after the 12 weeks is up, you will be offered a very special deal to continue your journey at a rate that will NEVER be seen again.

Get on the LIST now for the Find My Life Transformation!

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